Where I Was From.


This Easter Moses went to Los Vegas to celebrate a bachelor’s party and Alice and I decided to visit my family in Missouri.  Growing up I spent an incredible amount of time pretending I was someplace else.  As a grown up who’s lived in (almost) all of the places I pretended myself into, I can see the charm of where I actually was.  Of course, I like where I am–it’s equally important to understand you can value something but “not go home again.”  But it is a wonderful place to be.ImageImageImage

Alice and I spent long, sunny mornings in the park or longing in the den with toys.  When Alice wanted to play we walked across the narrow road to play with the family across the street and there was no shortage of spring flowers to see, cook books to peruse and kitties to chase.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

We made tons of granola, some scones and the paper thin, delicate oatmeal crisp cookies my grandmother made (confession: we made them three times) and lots of simple dinners once the baby had gone to sleep.  My mother and I had some nice glasses of wine, talked and read some A.A. Milne to Alice (and each other), and I got to visit with my childhood kitties (now totally on their last legs).ImageImageImageImageImage

My parents bought our house in the early 70s–before my brother and I were born.  Both of us grew up in the house and while it’s been remodeled and things come and go, the bones are the same.  It’s amazing to put your baby to bed in the room that was yours when you were a baby.  I can remember waking up and crying for my mother in the same room Alice woke up and cried in this time around (working hard to see the charm in that).  I loved getting Alice ready for bed and saying goodnight, knowing she was hearing the same muffled noises I heard when I was put to bed at night.  The circle game…ImageImageImage



We got to go home for four beautiful days to see our family and friends in California!  We spent our first 2 days in Orange County doing just family things.  Our favorite activity turned out to be playing with Ethan, which he was JUST fine with.  We headed to the beach and explored the tide pools, climbed rocks and tried our best to avoid kelp.

Weather’s so perfect in California.  If nothing else the trip back home gave us some amazing perspective on how much we should enjoy our time in New York and all it’s differences–like seasons.  Extreme hot and cold just don’t exist in California, so as fall moves in we’ll be sure to relish it (especially after having four fabulous days of of perfect 73.)


I am dreaming of Greece.  I’ve been wanting to go for ages, and despite having been away for far too many things recently, it still feels as though I’ve managed to avoid a vacation entirely.  School starts in just a few days and I’m already dreading it, which is sad, because I want to be excited.  Perhaps it will just take a bit to set in–the excitement.

In the meantime, I’ll try to sooth myself with images of beautiful Greece, a simple island and time in the sun (without getting wrinkles) and the illusion that some how I’d be able to coax Kitty Viv to accompany us without being terrified and peeing on herself in transit.

I’d drink mimosas and white wine mixed with lemonade on this patio while spending hours reading, stopping only to eat tabooli with fresh mint, arrange flowers and wear sandals to an bountiful outdoor market with gorgeous, shimmering fruit.  At night after simple dinners I’d make in the spacious kitchen I’d learn to make baklava, take long baths and sleep…

Oh summer.  It’s always so hard to say goodbye, but I can feel it fading away!  Seasons are so much more harsh than I’d remembered.all images from here.

Moses is famous.

Moses, being an avid follower of gothamist, saw this post this morning–and now he is famous(ly looking annoyed by the streets of SoHo).  I’m always amazed by blogs, flickr and all that business.  Now we’re all just orbiting one another and occasionally colliding.

Speaking of Moses, we’ll be visiting LA from August 11th-15th to celebrate his big bad birthday.  Since most of the people who read this blog are there, make a calendar note. xoxo.