New York Vacation

20140801-163039-59439249.jpgIt’s been awhile since an update. I know. I’m going to continue as if that never happened.

We left New York when Alice was just 4 months old. When we made the decision to leave we promised we would bring her back regularly, that she’d know that city as well as our new one.

One full week, and instead of fretting over rent, affordable childcare, transportation and all the distracting realities of life in New York we so eagerly left behind, we focused on just enjoying the city. We visited friends, old neighborhoods and restaurants. We swam in warm ocean water and ate bagels and pizza. We did all the romantic things we had meant to but rarely had time for while we were living there: Central Park, The Museum of Natural History, Jane’s Carrousel, the High Line Park and The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

20140801-164147-60107865.jpgThe most amazing aspect of our entire trip was experiencing the city with a very outgoing almost-two-year-old. Where there were once tense, crammed subway rides at rush hour there were now friendly, outgoing individuals smiling and talking at length with Alice. Diverted eyes and random pushes we’re replaced with smiles, waves and the concerned “pardon me.” Even cabbies and uber drivers were double checking her carseat and asking of the baby was comfortable.

IMG_547220140801-164151-60111700.jpgI’m not sure how we’ll recover once we no longer cart around this precious toddler who calls out (“close it!” to the subway doors and “sit down” to each new passenger), waves and dances to anything resembling a beat. I guess we’ll need a really cute dog to carry in a handbag.


Amazing Post Monday!

Lots of neat-o posts  you gotta see.

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Learn how to “water marble” your own nails like a champ here.

The Cherry Blossom Girl went to Kenya.  Here AMAZING photos (really) are here.  (My favorite is how she obviously was using fashion as an after thought).

Photos are from here

This is a town house.  In Manhattan.  With a pool in the living Room.  If only I won the lottery or could write the great American novel so my own water bug (Moses) could swim while watching Ultimate Fighting (I know.  Gross.  A dirty habit he came home with from Mexico).  I’m in love with the swing.

Way to go IKEA!  I want this bedroom!

 (both images reblogged from frolic-blog)

Fast Forward.

The weekend goes so quickly, just like summer and spring and, quite frankly, everything but the winter this year.  When I was little I thought summer and school year were equal.  I suppose that says something about a child’s perspective on the passing of time.  

Summer was absolutely the greatest when I was a kid.  I went to bed when it was still light outside and would lay there listening to the older kids, my brother among them, play out in the field across from our house.  Since most of the older kids were boys, they played a lot of baseball.  

My mother likes to tell the story of how I got up once, (probably more than once) after she’d put me to bed and “walked” myself to the park.  A neighbor found me swinging in my nightgown alone with no shoes.  I got a spanking, another bath and put back to bed.  I was three.

But, while summer isn’t upon us just yet, it’s got to be close.  Saturday was jacket weather and we went on a nice, long run (to counter act the pasta from Friday night), and Saturday night we went dancing, which is really, really rare for us—but fun, nonetheless.  Sunday we did our usual Chelsea Market and Highline walk, but it was made even better because Nate and Lisa came and we stopped and had a beer at the Standard’s Beer Garden.

So, while it isn’t summer, we’re getting ready for it.  And once it’s here, I’m going to live in Prospect Park.  But, this time I’ll wear shoes.  I promise.

Vivi on a bench

Kitty Viv on the new/old bench we got (found) in our neighborhood streets.  The best kind of find.

The prettiest sunset.

Our first “summer-ish” sunset.  We stood out in the street after dinner taking photos.

Moses and Nate at the Standard Beer Garden.

Carrying our Sunday night groceries on the Highline.

 shoes with no socks!

Braids and things.

Los Angeles.  Summer.

I’m posting a photo of me being warm and getting ready to take a walk to Intelligencia in Silver Lake in hommage to the totally crummy day I had in cold, rainy New York yesterday!  On my way to my 3.30 class I was sitting on the 2 train heading to 14th Street.  When the doors opened at Grand Army Plaza the kid sitting across from me got up normally, to exit the train.  But, there was one super catch: JUST before walking out the door he grabbed my iPhone and proceeded to sprint across the platform and up the stairs.

I was so shocked I made a little yelp, then stood up to access whether I could possibly catch him (nope).  And then, for lack of knowing what else to do and be certain only that I had a very expensive 3.30 graduate school class, I sat back down and cried the rest of the way to class.  Yup.  That’s right, I cried—not because I was sad or anything, but mad.  So mad.

I really like kids.  I came to school with the intention of being a kid’s librarian and that books can make everyone better, more established people.  Idealistic, yes, but either way, I sat on that train just hating the kid (who wasn’t more than 15), that stole my iPhone.  The iPhone poor, graduate student me who has to decide between eating out or paying bills, paid for.

The story did get worse (Amex coverage, which is so boasted about when you GET a card, only insures purchases for 90 days…because nobody steals something that’s 90 days old, right? and I spent the entire evening at two different police stations reporting the crime two different times…) but now it’s over and life will go on.  It will.  But I can’t help but feel like everything was easier in LA.  At the very least I never got robbed there, but tons of other rotten things did happen.  Knee Jerk reaction.