New York Vacation

20140801-163039-59439249.jpgIt’s been awhile since an update. I know. I’m going to continue as if that never happened.

We left New York when Alice was just 4 months old. When we made the decision to leave we promised we would bring her back regularly, that she’d know that city as well as our new one.

One full week, and instead of fretting over rent, affordable childcare, transportation and all the distracting realities of life in New York we so eagerly left behind, we focused on just enjoying the city. We visited friends, old neighborhoods and restaurants. We swam in warm ocean water and ate bagels and pizza. We did all the romantic things we had meant to but rarely had time for while we were living there: Central Park, The Museum of Natural History, Jane’s Carrousel, the High Line Park and The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

20140801-164147-60107865.jpgThe most amazing aspect of our entire trip was experiencing the city with a very outgoing almost-two-year-old. Where there were once tense, crammed subway rides at rush hour there were now friendly, outgoing individuals smiling and talking at length with Alice. Diverted eyes and random pushes we’re replaced with smiles, waves and the concerned “pardon me.” Even cabbies and uber drivers were double checking her carseat and asking of the baby was comfortable.

IMG_547220140801-164151-60111700.jpgI’m not sure how we’ll recover once we no longer cart around this precious toddler who calls out (“close it!” to the subway doors and “sit down” to each new passenger), waves and dances to anything resembling a beat. I guess we’ll need a really cute dog to carry in a handbag.


Lunch Breaks.

I won’t lie to you–working on Sunday isn’t the best.  In fact, it can be a very large bummer.  I don’t mind being here, or even being in midtown, but walking around at lunch is kind of the worst.  Absolutely every where you go you’re surrounded by tourists on lovely vacations, which makes me fantastically aware:

1. I am not.

2. That I cannot afford real vacations, which makes me wonder how they CAN.

3.  Nobody moves quickly on Sundays because MOST people are not rushing back to work.

However, there are some perks to the solitude of Sundays.  The first and foremost being that I have nothing better to do than make sure you get the FULL experience of my Sunday lunch breaks, which a picture (or two) every ten minutes.

To add insult to injury (the injury being that I’m here on a weekend), there’s a women’s soccer game this afternoon and all day long I’ve heard people let out distant, unison “OOHHHHs” and “AHHHHs”.  Sports are very, very silly.

A Year in Hipstas.

Alright, so it’s not quite a year just yet, but it is a significant amount of time we’ve been in New York now.  As a librarian I find myself panicky about electronic storage (or my sublime lack of electronic organization) and the fear I’ll simply loose all the easy little photos I have hiding in my phone.  It also makes for a neat little exhibit–the trivial little shots that make up the days…

Row 1: 5th Avenue in winter with school children, Balthazar pastries, Brooklyn Heights Peonies on Henry Street, Candles in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

Row 2: Shop cat on Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill, Flower Shop in display in Brooklyn Heights,  The Upper West Side from a roof top BBQ with friends, fall leaves in Tribecca.

Row 3: Moses’ oodon, peonies in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Kitty Viv with her hoodie, Shop cat exploring in Brooklyn Heights.

When We First Met

Moses trip to New York, when we first met at 24.

I had my first meeting to design my wedding dress (with my friend Annie, who’s in a design program at Parsons!) and we’re narrowing down what day in January…so in light getting things a little more “official” I’ve decided to do an homage to when Moses and I first met.  We once had these photos printed out in an album, but sadly, it looks like it was lost forever in our most recent move to Brooklyn.  Fortunately, I found these recovered pictures!  So here we are through the years.

In Bryant Park, watching Steve McQueen on a blanket.

Braving a summer rainstorm to meet Joan Didion in Central Park.  Everything looks so lovely in photos.  I remember this day being trying…

Los Angeles Us, in 2007.

We totally grew up together!  It’s such an amusing concept, since I know I did quite a lot of “growing” up before I met him, too.

And, don’t worry!  I have LOTS of other fun old photos to add soon!

Quickie Mart in Santa Monica.  I remember thinking this was basically Long Beach…since I had no concept of LA yet.