Life’s A Beach

Moses loves the beach.  I like the beach, but growing up no where near it, it’s much more of an appreciation than a “need” or yearning.  Moses requires beach time.  I wonder how Alice will be?ImageWe took her to Huntington Beach where Moses grew up on Saturday and Malibu Sunday for a hike and some more beach time (and some swinging).  Since Alice’s favorite thing in the world is to sit on a padded blanket and have us play with her she was pretty stoked on beach time.  She also loved all the other children and people she could stare at until they smiled at her or came over to say hi (including, randomly, David Spade, who was sitting close to us while we had lunch at Cafe Habana on Sunday).Image

When we dipped her baby feet in the freezing cold water she looked a little shocked, but she recovered quickly and set to her next task: trying really hard to eat sand.  We managed to evade the actual eating of grains (until today, when I took her to the Santa Monica Pier for the afternoon.  I now have ample photos of little Bluebelle with her mouth ringed in sand).ImageBeyond the sitting on blankets with padding, Alice’s other favorite thing is to pinch, pull and squeeze just about anything she can get her hands on.  This includes my hair and Moses’, Moses’ nose and eyebrows, my lips and so on.  I miss wearing my hair loose, and while I’m not a big jewelry person beyond rings, it would be nice to have that option…but Alice won’t be a baby forever and then I’m sure I’ll miss it–even the scratches when her nails get too long.ImageImageSometimes when Alice and I are outside I tell her how lucky she is to grow up here–She wakes up to (a really annoying but picturesque) rooster and the nighttime air smells of jasmine.  We have wild parrots that (again annoyingly but…) sit on our porch rails and we spend our weekends hiking and beaching, our days growing plants and vegetables to eat.  While I love where I grew up and will always enjoy the seasons, I can’t say I miss it.  California is such an amazing place.ImageImage


Here Comes the Sun (Better Late than Never!)

That seems an applicable title on many levels–but, at long last, OUR WEDDING PICTURES!  Of course there are tons more, but even this many is totally inappropriate some how, for a blog.

I’ve been trying to think back and evaluate.  Would I have changed anything?  Done anything differently?  Hm.  I might have thrown in a flower girl or ringbarer, for cute factor.  But seriously, beyond that, I think I have no regrets.

We were AMAZINGLY fortunate to have a wonderfully generous friend with a beautiful home she was willing to share, so the setting was fantastic–had I all the money in the world I couldn’t have done any better than LA in the hills surrounded by all my favorite people.

I spent a lot of time on the food: it ran the spectrum from vegan-friendly (done perfectly by Food!) to totally meat-centric taco options and included gluten-free and vegan cake from Lark Bake Shop as well as crazy traditional floral wedding cakes from our favorite, Sweet Lady Jane and the amazing Amanda at Food.  (I have quite a sweet tooth and love to bake, so I feel like I had my bases covered as far as engaging LA’s finest baking spots).  It was, despite the hustle of the day, really gratifying to have people with dietary restrictions (or just strong opinions like me) express their thanks.  And, for my midwestern family who’d never had the experience of “real” tacos, our taco cart made their night.

But, ultimately the music and wedding party and guests made the experience.  Moses worried I’d made my bridal party too big–but I chose just right.  I needed everyone of those ladies with me, whether it was helping me become the bride (I spent half the morning in pjs, no makeup and bright blue socks with red ballet flats–the transformation took EVERY BIT of the help of everyone who so graciously did), to just being there to share that with us–it made the day totally perfect.

Our friend Mark played music–a lovingly chosen array of All Things Must Past George Harrison, Wings and Beatles (I walked down the aisle to “Here Comes the Sun”), and our fantastic and newly married pal Sean made the ceremony and vows seem that much more important with his totally tangible honesty and goodness.  Seriously, we have some totally remarkable people in our lives, and having them all there to share made it SO the magical day it was supposed to be.

So, until this not-so-tiny baby emerges, this will stand as my most wonderful day…thank you everyone for loving us!

The Dock of the Bay.

I know I said in the last post we love SF.  We do.  Here’s why.

Tartine!  My very favorite.  Oh the coconut flake.  The cookies.  God those COOKIES.

I relate to SF.  Someday I’ll get it right and we can live together.  There.  In harmony.

Moses’ taco.

Jamie Lumpy head (Arya Lumpy Head Horse Face) with a Mission-Style Burrito (veggie sans cheese.)

Baker Beach and Moses with Marin in the background.

True love.


Hollie and Sean got married!

Our friends Hollie and Sean, owners of a very well-photographed apartment I often post on here, got married last weekend in Northern California!  I’m always complimentary of Hollie’s amazing eye for style and the wedding exceeded even my wildest expectations.  Sorry for the picture overload, but everything was so beautiful, I sort of forgot to include people!  Fortunately everyone took loads of photos.  I’ll be sure to link to some of the great blogs and albums that DID remember to get some mug shots!

Taken by the lovely Joanna on Keep Feeling Fascination, her beautiful blog.

Hollie gave us all a job, which was a great idea, since we all wanted to help!  Here’s an apple caramel tart with candied pecans I made for after the ceremony.

Ever-innovative, Hollie and Sean opted for amazing scarves as take-homes.  Their initials are embroidered ever-so-small on the corner of the lapel. 

Moses and Jack, the official wedding photographer, looking chic.

Raspberry and blackberry pie, 2 of 3.

Farah and Luma in their pretty, draped gowns.

Stella, the flower girl’s tiny moccasins.  

Mason jar drinking glasses next to Luma and Farah’s beautiful mixed drinks, complete with pansy petals and fruit.

Beth and Luma trudging up the hill.

Kelly and Sweet Pea (baby Penelope, the other official flower girl).

Stella and her mom, Amy, sharing a moment wrapped in their new scarves.


Partners in crime, Liam and Max…looking ready to do something…

The beautiful decorations.

A tee-pee Moses constructed free-hand.

Miss Joanna and Avril, all smiles and red lips.

We all stayed in the house for two beautiful nights of togetherness and magic.  Thanks to Hollie and Sean again for inviting us!  We were so inspired!  (And overwhelmed!  We have a TON of stuff to organize before we get married!)


We got to go home for four beautiful days to see our family and friends in California!  We spent our first 2 days in Orange County doing just family things.  Our favorite activity turned out to be playing with Ethan, which he was JUST fine with.  We headed to the beach and explored the tide pools, climbed rocks and tried our best to avoid kelp.

Weather’s so perfect in California.  If nothing else the trip back home gave us some amazing perspective on how much we should enjoy our time in New York and all it’s differences–like seasons.  Extreme hot and cold just don’t exist in California, so as fall moves in we’ll be sure to relish it (especially after having four fabulous days of of perfect 73.)

It’s all about the lights.

Our favorite restaurant in Brooklyn so far is Saraghina, apparently named for a character in a Fellini film I’ve yet to see.  The food is amazing, but my favorite part is the lighting.  Moses is often amazed/annoyed I’m usually more about ambiance than food, but frankly, I’m surprised he’s not the same way.

Perhaps it has something to do with loving to cook: for the most part, I rarely crave anything “out,” because if I love it enough I make learning to cook it a personal mission (not that I’m always up to snuff, but you get the idea).  But as far as the “place,” it’s gotta be better “feeling” for the evening than dining at home, or why bother?

The pizzas at Saraghina are a nice blend of thin, chewy crispy, and the treats are light and simultaneously substantial.  Plus, the patio reminds me of a winery in Santa Ynez more than a back yard in Brooklyn (I feel bad saying that since I’m sure the intention is a backyard in Italy, but I’ve spent more time in Santa Ynez than Italy, so I’ll have to go with what feels right here.)

Homesickness with a capital H.

Okay, so that’s not TOTALLY true.  I’m actually feeling quite lucky because my best pal just moved to NYC from San Francisco a few weeks ago and now I get to have best friend fun all over the place.  We just had beer and yuppie salads from Whole Foods in Central Park–so it could really be much worse.  But still, as soon as this print arrived in my inbox I knew where my heart was–Los Angeles you’re my forever place.

photo from Jen Bekman’s 20 by 200, by Michael Light.