Alice’s Baby Shower

ImageYou know what’s weird?  Time.  Early on, when we were first starting to get ready for Alice I realized time was becoming a “thing” in a new way—a total hang up and preoccupation.  I was so excited to have a baby, I wasn’t thinking about enjoying the pregnant part, anticipation and preparation.  We’ve been trying to reframe that, and we’ve done a good job (if I do say so myself).

We decide on a name early on and we’ve always called Alice Alice.  We spent time decorating her bedroom and going through her clothes, but we’ve also been spending lots of time at the beach, and I’ve been doing lots of prenatal yoga, long walks (getting harder and harder in this heat and as my belly gets bigger)—in short, all the things that won’t be nearly as easy to do once Miss Alice lives on the outside.

And now, low and behold, it’s nearly AUGUST.  I’m nearly 8 months pregnant (two days!) and my baby shower, which was once SOOOO far away, has come and gone. Time has flown–and I’m so glad we decided to make an effort to view each part this as special–because it has been (and continues to be).ImageImageImage I have to say, I’ve just been incredibly lucky when it comes to great friends willing to throw me a great party.  I met Christy and Susannah at roughly age five or six—and by the time high school rolled around we were best friends.  (At 15, in the midst of a giant Titanic obsession I was thrown a Titanic-themed party for 3 in my basement, which included a cheesecake sampler and dress dummy decked out as a life-sized Leonardo DiCaprio).

Image I’m so lucky to have BOTH of them living with me here in Brooklyn.  And when they offered to throw my baby shower I was thrilled.   With a homemade onesies station, a compiled book of “Advice for Alice,” and a menu made of the “cravings” I had jokingly sent out in an email at just three months pregnant, my shower was one of the most touching, heartfelt things I’ve ever experienced.  (I can’t wait to return the favor!) ImageIt couldn’t have been a better, more special, well-planned event, and I can’t help but be so, so excited for not just me, but baby Alice—because I must have done something so right to have such great people who already love Alice.  Christy and Sus are just the icing on a really spectacular cake—all day long I looked around at the new friends, long standing friends—from here, from LA, from jobs—everything in between, and thought how LUCKY Moses and I are to have such a wonderful support system.

ImageImageAnd there are EVEN more people we love in California and Missouri who didn’t get to make it, but we know they’re there and rooting for us.  So, to conclude this totally mushy post, thank you to EVERYONE for caring about us and welcoming Alice already!  She’s going to be once lucky, lucky girl and now I really feel like I can take these last few weeks and just breathe and get excited (and plan outfits.  Man oh man is this going to be one WELL dressed kid).

ImageAll photos (except the very last one) taken by the amazingly talented Christy Kurtz.  And a special thank you to Christy’s amazing fiance, Chris, who took our group picture–a few times–drove me home, helped carry my junk upstairs (and did all that with a smile) AND was kicked out of his apartment all day–xoxo.  ImageImage


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