Platform Shoes on Table Tops: Think I’m Going To Have a Baby.

ImageYou know, I never thought there was anything I’d be reluctant to share, but it turns out, having a baby is a hard thing to really open up about, for me at least.  Thanks to blogging there are countless catalogs of everyone’s experience, and I realized I was having trouble thinking of each individual experience as anything but “the right” experience.  But I think the best thing about having a baby is this: there are totally as many ways to do it as there are women in the world.  

ImageSo, to answer a few questions I get quite often that are totally specific to me:

Did I get morning sickness?

Nope, not once.  I think I maybe just over ate a few times, but I never threw up from morning sickness.

Are there any weird cravings I have?

I can eat my weight in hot sauce and ketchup these days, but I never DIDN’T like these things, I just didn’t do things like dip bread in them. They’ve moved from “take it or leave it” to entre.  

Do I drink coffee?

I do–yes, one cup a day, because I’ve had two doctors and they both said it was okay and while I haven’t had morning sickness I have had horrible, horrible headaches and coffee, as my midwife suggested, has helped A TON.

Is it a boy or a girl?

A GIRL!  I was shocked, because you’ll hear a lot of “sayings,” when you’re pregnant.  One I heard a lot was “if you get sicker it’s a girl.”  Well, I didn’t, so I was pretty sure this was a dude, but turns out it’s a girl!  Totally pumped either way, but I am excited about a girl.  I love dresses and tom boys, I grew up toeing a fine line, usually wearing princess dresses covered in mud with no shoes, so I feel like no matter what type of gal this is, I’ve got it covered.

Do I work out?

Work out? No.  But I never “work out.”  I run, but not with the urgency or frequency I might usually run (once  or twice a week).  I run slowly and, once I hit around week 15 it made me really have to pee, so it’s not as much fun as usual, but still gets the blood flowing.  I also walk to and from work every day (about a mile an half each way) and was doing prenatal yoga, which I will start again soon.

Am I still a vegetarian?  

I am!  Actually, my doctor indicated MOST of her patients move in that direction during pregnancy even if they usually ate meat.  I was astounded.  I was ready to be like, craving and clawing for meat, but nah.  Totally fine with my normal diet, though I have added cheese, eggs and yogurt in–which is another totally personal choice.  I fully believe you can have a healthy baby without doing so, but my family has lots of bone issues and the baby takes calcium whether you’re getting it or not, so I made the decision to eat it.  It’s also something I’ve always liked the taste of and, unlike meat, have to purposely avoid eating when I do.  So there you have it.

Okay, so there you go!  My first blog about baby. There will be more, but it’s been hard to share, like I said.  Image


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