Platform Shoes on Table Tops: Think I’m Going To Have a Baby.

ImageYou know, I never thought there was anything I’d be reluctant to share, but it turns out, having a baby is a hard thing to really open up about, for me at least.  Thanks to blogging there are countless catalogs of everyone’s experience, and I realized I was having trouble thinking of each individual experience as anything but “the right” experience.  But I think the best thing about having a baby is this: there are totally as many ways to do it as there are women in the world.  

ImageSo, to answer a few questions I get quite often that are totally specific to me:

Did I get morning sickness?

Nope, not once.  I think I maybe just over ate a few times, but I never threw up from morning sickness.

Are there any weird cravings I have?

I can eat my weight in hot sauce and ketchup these days, but I never DIDN’T like these things, I just didn’t do things like dip bread in them. They’ve moved from “take it or leave it” to entre.  

Do I drink coffee?

I do–yes, one cup a day, because I’ve had two doctors and they both said it was okay and while I haven’t had morning sickness I have had horrible, horrible headaches and coffee, as my midwife suggested, has helped A TON.

Is it a boy or a girl?

A GIRL!  I was shocked, because you’ll hear a lot of “sayings,” when you’re pregnant.  One I heard a lot was “if you get sicker it’s a girl.”  Well, I didn’t, so I was pretty sure this was a dude, but turns out it’s a girl!  Totally pumped either way, but I am excited about a girl.  I love dresses and tom boys, I grew up toeing a fine line, usually wearing princess dresses covered in mud with no shoes, so I feel like no matter what type of gal this is, I’ve got it covered.

Do I work out?

Work out? No.  But I never “work out.”  I run, but not with the urgency or frequency I might usually run (once  or twice a week).  I run slowly and, once I hit around week 15 it made me really have to pee, so it’s not as much fun as usual, but still gets the blood flowing.  I also walk to and from work every day (about a mile an half each way) and was doing prenatal yoga, which I will start again soon.

Am I still a vegetarian?  

I am!  Actually, my doctor indicated MOST of her patients move in that direction during pregnancy even if they usually ate meat.  I was astounded.  I was ready to be like, craving and clawing for meat, but nah.  Totally fine with my normal diet, though I have added cheese, eggs and yogurt in–which is another totally personal choice.  I fully believe you can have a healthy baby without doing so, but my family has lots of bone issues and the baby takes calcium whether you’re getting it or not, so I made the decision to eat it.  It’s also something I’ve always liked the taste of and, unlike meat, have to purposely avoid eating when I do.  So there you have it.

Okay, so there you go!  My first blog about baby. There will be more, but it’s been hard to share, like I said.  Image


Here Comes the Sun (Better Late than Never!)

That seems an applicable title on many levels–but, at long last, OUR WEDDING PICTURES!  Of course there are tons more, but even this many is totally inappropriate some how, for a blog.

I’ve been trying to think back and evaluate.  Would I have changed anything?  Done anything differently?  Hm.  I might have thrown in a flower girl or ringbarer, for cute factor.  But seriously, beyond that, I think I have no regrets.

We were AMAZINGLY fortunate to have a wonderfully generous friend with a beautiful home she was willing to share, so the setting was fantastic–had I all the money in the world I couldn’t have done any better than LA in the hills surrounded by all my favorite people.

I spent a lot of time on the food: it ran the spectrum from vegan-friendly (done perfectly by Food!) to totally meat-centric taco options and included gluten-free and vegan cake from Lark Bake Shop as well as crazy traditional floral wedding cakes from our favorite, Sweet Lady Jane and the amazing Amanda at Food.  (I have quite a sweet tooth and love to bake, so I feel like I had my bases covered as far as engaging LA’s finest baking spots).  It was, despite the hustle of the day, really gratifying to have people with dietary restrictions (or just strong opinions like me) express their thanks.  And, for my midwestern family who’d never had the experience of “real” tacos, our taco cart made their night.

But, ultimately the music and wedding party and guests made the experience.  Moses worried I’d made my bridal party too big–but I chose just right.  I needed everyone of those ladies with me, whether it was helping me become the bride (I spent half the morning in pjs, no makeup and bright blue socks with red ballet flats–the transformation took EVERY BIT of the help of everyone who so graciously did), to just being there to share that with us–it made the day totally perfect.

Our friend Mark played music–a lovingly chosen array of All Things Must Past George Harrison, Wings and Beatles (I walked down the aisle to “Here Comes the Sun”), and our fantastic and newly married pal Sean made the ceremony and vows seem that much more important with his totally tangible honesty and goodness.  Seriously, we have some totally remarkable people in our lives, and having them all there to share made it SO the magical day it was supposed to be.

So, until this not-so-tiny baby emerges, this will stand as my most wonderful day…thank you everyone for loving us!