Shut your eyes and think of Peru.


ImageImageToday’s a hard day.  The weather’s gotten cold again and I keep watching all the new spring blooms being ripped from the tree branches by this crazy wind.  Hard to watch, since I’m such a spring enthusiast—needless to say, I am very, very ready for warmth.  I am ready for blue sky and outside and long days.  So I found myself, as I often do, wishing for California.  I decided it was probably healthier to reflect instead of the awesome honeymoon we had in Peru (where the sky was blue and it was 80 degrees).


 ImageImageThe weekend whether, sadly, wasn’t great either, so we spent Sunday inside watching documentaries on Netflix.  I made the mistake of watching a new release on Charles and Ray Eames.  I thought I liked Charles Eames.  I DO like Charles Eames, but I might not like him as much as a person.  I’ve been in love with the love affair of Charles and Ray Eames for ages—the collaboration of it all and cognitive matching’s…anyway, this documentary bummed me out and I’m feeling a little like I lost something idolized.  Boo. 




ImageSo I’ll show you pretty pictures I took in Peru, where the food is wonderful and the light is amazing.



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