A little hiatus.

ImageWell, a short break during a move and busy school schedule turned into a really long break when our internet went out A MONTH ago.  Because we’d already missed a day of work to have the internet set up, we couldn’t justify missing ANOTHER day to get it fixed: so our airports sat blinking for the entire month and we had to watch reruns of The League and sustain on my unlimited media plan via iPhone for Netflix.  It’s a hard life.


ImageImageImageOn the bright side, we got some more of the apartment done, in the absence of all that television (plus a spring break from school).


The move hasn’t been easy.  In fact, I think this has been our hardest move ever.  Moving across Brooklyn made it hard to throw away or sell anything, so instead we just kept it.  But moving into a railroad with five small rooms (and ONE closet!) verses a studio-style apartment with two giant ones (and tons of closets) was a tough transition.  We’ve been hanging anything and everything and buying lots and lots of storage containers to fit under everything.


Our biggest expense for the new spot has been plants.  Our last apartment, though roomy, lacked sunlight and everything died.  This time we have lots of natural light (in the rooms with windows), so we’re building a kitchen herb garden (a work in progress) as have several woolly pockets in the bedroom to brighten things up.


More to come, but it’s shaping up.  Moses told me, as we were getting ready for bed after a very straight-laced St. Patrick’s day, that I should do a post about how our “green” efforts were all plant related.  It’s true: we spent all afternoon looking at plant shops and filling woolly pockets, eating bahn mi in our neighborhood and enjoying some spring weather.  A beer or two would have been a nice addition–we just totally forgot.ImageImageImageImageImage


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