My Luna Miel in Peru.

Guess what?  (If you’re reading this blog, you probably know) I got married!  Since I don’t have those pictures yet, here’s some from our honeymoon in Peru.

Turns out, Peru’s not super easy to get to: at least not if you’re not staying in Lima.  We flew from LA to Lima and then boarded a tiny plane (which we missed the first time around—long, treacherous story involving not enough layover time and a late take off) to Cusco.  Once we got to Cusco we took a (very expensive, we later found) cab ride to our first hotel, a resort called Tamba del Inca.  After a day of being pampered we switched to our hotel for the next five days, a two-story bungalow on a compound with five friendly dogs and four other houses.

Of course, we had loads more photos, but here are a few just to show you how amazing our trips to town, ruins, and meals were on our “luna meil.”


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