How weird is it that Christmas is over?  When I was a kid I remember the Christmas anticipation was good for MONTHS.  I noticed things like carols on the mall PA system and Santa’s throne thing set up in the middle of the Jefferson City, Missouri Capital Mall.  I made my mom pop open and bake crescent rolls and dust them with cinnamon and sugar.  We got assorted paper plates of cookies from church bake sales and I always liked about two or three of the twenty random cookies and found the greasy paper plate vaguely disgusting.  My uncle always gave me a $50 gift certificate to Dillard’s.  I thought it was the most posh gift EVER.  We saw movies after we opened gifts—things like Little Women, Titanic and Hook.  We listened to Nat King Cole’s Christmas and put up the tree—except for the year I turned 15 and made everyone listen to Nirvana Unplugged, which I’d still probably do except that now we have Phil Spector’s Christmas, and there’s really nothing better.

We had a very relaxed Christmas.  Blame it on the wedding looming on our horizon—our smoking pocket books and anxiety-tinged dreams (dear subconscious: I would never, ever, ever buy a floral-print gown with a smocked high waist and bell-sleeves.  I just wouldn’t, so please stop telling my sleepy brain it’s only hours before I have to stand in front of 70 people and confess my love publicly while wearing such a thing).

This year we had a friend for a lazy, sodium-rich breakfast casserole (I used fake bacon and Morning Star sausages—yummy, salty delicious).  Then we sat around and watched America’s Funniest Home Videos on Netflix.  I made a mobile from feathers and felt, and we practiced wedding decoration ideas to make sure they’ll work for the big day.

The next day we took a long walk around the city and we ate and ate and ate—breakfast sandwiches from scratch (“Just like McDonalds,” as Moses requested, “but homemade and healthier.”), margarita pizza with a semolina flour crust and peanut butter and chocolate cookies.

We spent Christmas Eve with a few friends who all had children, so we got to get all the fun and excitement of Christmas for kids (and a free, delicious meal courtesy of Miss Kelli and the always-darling Liam).

Rion and Mandy came to visit!

And Kitty got a bowl of treats, Moses got a fancy razor, and I got a ring—another one, but it hasn’t arrived juuuuust yet.

And the most amazing little Christmas family let us spend xmas eve with their little Sweet Pea.  You can’t tell here, but she has sparkly tights on.


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