Despite having wanted to be married since practically birth, I’d never given much thought to weddings and such.  It was always just the domestic household I was interested in.  As it turns out, wedding planning, while stressful, is a whole lot of fun in the attention department.

Because two bridesmaids were on the west coast and two on the east I was given a surprise bachelorette weekend in Austin, Texas.  Why Austin?  Why not?  (And I’ve also always wanted to go and talked about it several times–I love medium-sized cities, having grown up in a tiny one).

And so, you’ll have to pardon the image explosion, but the little motel my four favorites chose for my weekend (the Hotel San Jose) couldn’t have been more picturesque.  Plus, it’s the first time my adult best pals could really have a chance to “hang” and get to know my oldest pal, so it was very, very special.

Aside from one rather rowdy evening of karaoke (my all time drinking activity), the weekend was tame.  Spent eating way too much fantastic food and drinking tons of cheap drinks, we talked and got dressed up one night and split some bottles of wine and a killer cheese plate (I was absolutely NOT vegan on this trip).

We stayed at the Hotel San Jose, which was a lot like the Ace, but a little more individual.  I loved the daybeds and toiletries, the minibar products and complimentary bottles of Austin rainwater by your bed.  Oh, and being able to leave a towel on the floor and not find it later when I came back.

There were also delicious crackers, black “Texas” style beans with sugar and chipotle that I’ve been working to recreate, and one peanut butter pie I can’t stop thinking about.

Thank you, Bridesmaids, for such an amazing weekend and taking the time to plan it for me. xoxo.


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