The Exciting Adventures of the Vet.

The Exciting Adventures of the Vet.

Poor Kitty V. has been drinking lots of water. Or course, drinking water is good…but I’m a nervous mom and any change in behavior is a little worrisome.

Kitty’s new vet in Brooklyn was wonderful. We decided to splurge and go for the fancy place in Boerum Hill. Kitty didn’t care that the vet was nice, but it made me feel better. Kitty also got to go in a cab for the first time. She also didn’t think this was exciting. In fact, she found it terrifying and cried her kitty death meow the entire time and on the way home she peed on herself a little. (Hey, gypsy cabs scare us all a bit).

The new vet kissed Vivi’s head twice and said she was pretty. He also noted she loved attention. I agreed with all of these things, but then he said that Vivienne has gained 3 lbs since we moved here from LA and that she “could” lose “a pound or so.”

I tried to tell Viv it was no big deal. I told her “hey, we’ll try some new food, new kinds of chicken!” She told me she wanted her old food. She told me she hated the vet. She told me she didn’t want kisses and she didn’t want my sympathy.

It sounded like this:

And I said, “Kitty Viv, tomorrow will be a better day.”
It was.


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