A Few of My Favorite Things.

A few of my favorite things…because it’s a lazy day and I’ve been thinking about it.

Valentino Ready-to-Wear.  Love the crown of braids, the fairytale length, the lady-like feminine dresses.

The perfect red hat.  Both color and shape need to be juuuuust right.

They opened a Jo Malone in Grand Central.  I walk by it twice a day (except Monday), and I love Red Rose especially, and mixed with Orange Blossom, it’s my favorite smell ever.  I bought Wild Blue Bell though, because it smells more every-day.

I can’t stop thinking about these clog boots.  I just got some Swedish Hasbeens that are black, so this will be a duplication in wardrobe, of sorts, but I like all the sheering and tribal wool variations.  I could go lace up…or natural leather…

The perfect lined trench.  I want vintage only…which means dealing with ebay.

A year ago I had the brillant (rotten) idea to “ombre” my hair.  I frequently get compliments and it’s a great way to spice up an otherwise dull, long ‘do, but now my hair breaks off at the tips like an over used fingernail.  This stuff smells FANTASTIC and has the duel purpose of “literally” “cementing” your broken tips back together.  It’s called “Ciment” which is a nicer way of saying cement, I guess.

Oh it’s so campy, but I LOVE it.  I just got caught up with this week’s part II episode while I did my nails and drank some coffee this morning, celebrating the world’s laziest Saturday.  You can read about the real LA house here!

And this awesome blog: Joy the Baker is a total favorite lately.  This post in particular:

Marisa Berenson.  I’d already cultivated an interest and started cutting photos of her from the WWD’s after I index them at work.  She’s just so…70s and no matter where my research takes me, her family ends up popping up.  Plus, I just love the photos I find of her.

We’re doing multiple cakes and things at the wedding, I’ve decided (with Moses), and now I want mismatched stands.

I just threw this in because Moses turned it on in the living room and I think of this as a song I like that he’s never been that into.  I always like when he starts cultivating an interested in my favorite songs.  It’s like hearing him say “I love you.”


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