For Old Time Sake

Isn’t it all better in hindsight?  On our latest trip back to California we visited San Francisco (more pictures to come).  I love SF fiercely.  Except when I live there.  I suspect it’s the weather: if you’re an overly “romantic” type, prone to reading Gothic-ish novels and spent your childhood pretending your neighbor’s driveway was a canal in Venice and an over-grown dog-pin a forgotten, walled garden on an English moor, chances are you don’t need the real-life weather to agree with the gloomy and mysterious pretend fog your daydreaming about all the time.  Call it too much of a good thing.

But they do have some lovely coffee (blue bottle) and is truly is magic, visually.  If I could just stay bundled in a blanket reading books I’d never leave.


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