Mid-morning Break

Taking a second out of my indexing to give a little thought to Babe Paley, former New York socialite and winner multiple years of “best dressed.”  Oh those nails alone can take your breath away.  The cigarette is so fantastically chic, too–though on a realistic note, she died at age 63 from lung cancer.  I’m sure a 2-pack a day habit doesn’t support healthy lungs.

C.Z. Guest, sporting white on white and some amazing flats, accessorized with a little dog is phenomenal, too.  It looks like she’s visiting Hearst Castle.  Maybe one of those gold sequins frocks they have laying out on the guest bungalow beds was for her…

I never get tired of Carolina Herrera.  Before I ever know a designer brand name (other than Vuitton), I had to walk by the upper East Side Herrera store for the train from my first apartment.  I’d stare and stare at those gowns and, all fashion-whims aside, I think I’d still pick those drapes, folds and fabrics over any other.  The Jackie O. in me wins out over any more daring notions I might employ.

I don’t even need to say anything, except maybe that I wish I had a sister.  But I have best friends who’re remarkably close, so life goes on.

Guess we know where McQueen got inspiration, huh?  While I’m not SURE this is Givenchy, let’s just make an educated guess…

I omitted a photo of Vreeland and kept David Bowie, largely because I felt they were supporting the same look.

Anderson Cooper.  With his mom.  What-her-name…

I don’t care so much about the Reagans, but I do love LA in the background.  The most style-ish of all…

Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  I love that their best accessories are each other.

All images from here.


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