Wrapped in songs and gypsy shawls.

I’ve been listening to Ladies of the Canyon quite a bit lately.  I love the distinctions between Joni Mitchell’s albums in reference to her geographic location.  Topanga Canyon elicits Ladies of the Canyon and New York makes for “Falls to the sidewalk like string and brown paper–Winter blows up from the river, there’s no one there to take her to the sea.”

But, I came across this photographer Mark Borthwick’s studio in BROOKLYN!  I’d have sworn by the light this was LA and frankly, even I’m a little amazed at the sense of relief I found in knowing some how this little Brooklyn/LA oasis exists.  I want to be there right now.  Our Indian summer helps, of course.  Having spent yesterday with a tall-boy, terrific sandwich and people I love in Prospect Park with a little dog wearing a Jackie O.-style head scarf (ahem–“gypsy shawls–full-circle, look at that…somewhat willingly), I can’t complain about the winter just yet…

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Oh, and my original Joni favorite as a teen was this Cactus Tree.  I’m always amazed nobody seems to be as into her as they are other 60s throw-backs.  I mean, I get that lyric sapranos aren’t for everyone, but really, it’s SO good.


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