Little Adults at Nellystella

I recently told one of our friends I sometimes imagine what Kitty Viv would look like if she were a little girl (i.e.: actually my child instead of just a cat that I treat like a child).  While there’s something very Suri Cruise-like (Vivienne Belle’s complete lack of interest in being coddled and my pension for coddling combined with her very-human sounding “NO!” that’s actually a high-pitched meow) about Kitty, she’s rounder of feature than Suri has turned out to be.  An eternal toddler, I think Kitty Viv would look a little something like this (plus LOOK at these clothes!  Amazing, truly).

If Alexa Chung always looks great by dressing like a big, skinny toddler, this little girl looks equally ravishing for dressing like a short, round-bellied 33 year-old.  I mean, really.  She needs a teeny, tiny black Mini (you’re wondering why I didn’t pick a flashier car.  I feel like tastefully dressed baby-woman would like the understated “fun” of the mini a little more than the classic BMW).

From here.


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