The Gift of the Magi

It’s only befitting my favorite mark of the holiday season as a child was reading O. Henry’s short Christmas story.  (William Sydney Porter’s nom de plume).  I’ve always loved Victorian whimsy and the story of newly weds Della and Jim Dillingham too poor to afford holiday gifts made me starry-eyed.  Set in the backdrop of their small but cozy city apartment (which I’m sure was intended to be twice the size of mine), Jim sells his favorite watch to buy his beloved Della the jeweled hair combs she covets, while sweet Della sells her hair to buy Jim the watch chain he’s been watching in the window of a shop.  What a holiday debacle!

Right up there with Jo selling her hair for Marmee’s train ticket to see an ailing Father on the front, I love images of long hair and there’s nothing more beautiful than a good set of combs.  I’d already decided I was going to start rocking them again before I saw this awesome DIY that even I think I can manage, thumbs and all.

From here.


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