Kitty plays ball in fall.

It’s fall.  Tea time.  Moses bought us this yellow submarine tea diffuser last year.  We love it so.

 I always said it was crazy to live in L.A. where there’s no real difference between seasons.  It sometimes felt like no time had passed at all, though the light does change there with the winter and it gets a bit cooler.  Here in New York it seemed to happen in a day.  In actuality it was more like two weeks.  It was hot, then a day of cool, then a ton of tepid rain.  Now it’s gone to chilly.  In a few more weeks and I’m sure it will be entirely cold and I’ll have trouble believing it was ever hot.

It’s nice to have seasons.  Some aspects of fall and winter are so ingrained it’s a relief to have them back, though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extra homesick for L.A. now that I can feel the winter coming in my bones (my right wrist bone, to be specific).

With the temperature dropping I’ve been doing more fall-type meals.  Though I’ve been going light on dairy lately I’m far from going without.   Sometimes when we eat out it’s just too difficult, and since I’m not the “go hungry” sort, I try to remember it’s “not a religion,”  as my pal Lisa says her wise father used to say.  But still, it’s nice to have some guidelines with which you measure.  Being aware never hurt anyone.

In the past few weeks we’ve had lots of company.   Moses’ cousin, Marco, who he calls his “little cousin” but is actually a bigger guy than Moses, came to visit and I did my best to make Mexican up to their standards.

I also made parchment paper salmon and steamed veggies for Moses, which he loved.  I’ve been really into purple baby potatoes.  So much color.

And last but not least: I always say I only want one baby.  That being said, Kitty Viv is clearly a bit…coddled.  She starting to act out.  Our lovely pals Nate and Lisa came over for some pizza (yum.  Vegan and cheesy varieties) and by the end of the night (wine in hand) we all ended up on the floor to play ball with Vivi…except Vivi.  She reminded seated while the four of US tried to get her to play…too much love, I think.  (Click here to see Lisa’s cutie pictures of baby V.)


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