Rest and Repose.

Monday’s under my new schedule are my “school work day,” which means I wake up with Moses and when he leaves for work I start my homework.  Four classes of work in one day takes the entire day, but better that than struggling to try to spend time with Moses and do homework throughout the week.

Although Monday’s are often intense, it still takes the burden of “the weekend is over” off Sunday.  My mother always says Sunday is her favorite day of the week and has been since she officially decided that she should do absolutely nothing on this day: no obligations, no worrying, just relaxing activities of her own choosing.  Now that I have Monday’s to myself it makes that easier to accomplish.

Today we made avocado toast with red pepper and olive oil followed by our autumn favorite, grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Because we’re doggie sitting for our friends we got the added bonus of spending time on their patio while their little darling, Bella, got some doggie circles out of her system running through the last of the flowers.

I’m always a little in love with Hollie’s (Bella’s mom) fabulous sense of personal style and decor.  Everything looks some whimsical and uniquely, effortlessly put together in a delicate, vintage way.  A few of my favorites at chez Velten/Lattrell:

And after the feeding and caring of Miss Bella we headed to SoHo, where Moses bought a new denim jacket and we had Thai food.

What’s the the works for tonight?  Veggie fried rice and addressing our save the date cards, which we just had printed.  How very exciting.


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