Naturally once school started up again I got totally behind on just about everything.  Because I didn’t work last year while I was in school, working 30 hours a week at the archive and taking 4 courses is a little more demanding than I’d anticipated.  I’m always more prone to over doing things than under.

Regardless, getting into work at 7.30 and leaving for class at 2.30 three days a week has taken a toll and I’m only just now getting back in to the groove of things.  But I did want to post on our 9.11 experience.

I’ve lived in New York before since everything happened, but for some reason this year it resonated in a way it hasn’t in the past (for me).  Maybe it’s getting older and fully appreciating adult fears–uncertainties and panic in a way totally different from anything experienced as a child.  Either way we spent our morning watching documentaries on the events and looking at various articles as well as making puff pastry and bread pudding.

 We also moved my new desk up from the cellar and cleaned it up so I can do my school work and writing a little more easily (we happened to find this desk on the street and it PERFECTLY matches our dresser!) and had grilled cheese for lunch.

That evening we road our bikes to the Manhattan Bridge and then DUMBO to look at the illuminated skyline.  Of course our pictures don’t do justice–from certain angles you could see the perfect outlines of what was once the twin towers, particularly poignant and illustrating the sheer size and presence the buildings had–I’m always a little reluctant to do anything on Sunday evenings, but I was so glad we went.


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