Flip, Flip, Flip-a-delphia

Taste off.  As a non-meat-eater, I didn’t quite share Moses’ enthusiasm for Philly Cheese Steaks on our recent trip to Pennsylvania.  His dream?  To try the two “places,” Pats and Ginos, side by side.  While I had no desire to indulge myself, I’m proud I helped a dream be realized, standing in line at Pats, then Ginos, so Moses could try both sandwiches.  Just by look and smell I can say with confidence the winner is Pats all the way.

Because my mama was visiting NYC for so long we decided to take her on an east coast road trip via zip car mini called Merick.  She was a little stumped as to why we chose Philly, but I’d always wanted to see it and I wasn’t disappointed.  It’s pretty, quaint and we had a really, really fun weekend.

Lucky for us, my pal Christine graciously agreed to spend the weekend with us and helped keep my mom entertained and seemed to enjoy herself simultaneously.  We saw some sights, had an amazing dinner at Mercado, where I had some of the best food ever (skate, emmmmm) and had some fabulous beers at historical bars…followed by a lovely brunch the next morning with all my favorite people at Honey’s Sit and Eat.  It’s funny how you can suddenly have those epiphanies–how lucky you are to have everyone you love right there beside you.


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