It’s on the wrong side.

I say this because it is Moses’ summary on New York beaches.  When anyone asks how they are or if we like them he just shrugs and says “it’s on the wrong side.”  It pretty much encapsulates his entire opinion on the east coast in general, you might say.

When I lived her before I never once went to the beach.  Sad, huh?  This time I decided I have to experience ALL of New York, so on a sweltering hot day the far Rockaways it was!  My best pal Sus joined us, and together we navigated trains (it’s less intuitive than one might think.  There are two C trains?  They end in different spots?  I know…)

In the end we arrived in once piece, and I must say, “wrong side” or not, the water in New England is lovely and warm and sans some of the squeal-inducing (even Moses) kelp and seaweed we’ve grown so accustom to in California.  I actually swam.  I never swim.

I also had my “bandeau” top clobbered by the ocean not once but twice.  My mother would say that serves me right for wearing a stupid swimsuit.  I can’t really disagree.  When I wasn’t showing my boobs to a guy swimming around in a t-shirt while Moses screamed at me to pull my top back up, I really enjoyed the day, including beers and watermelon on a random cul de sac checkers table.  A lovely New York adaptation.


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