Millions of Peaches.

I mentioned my mother was here for 9 days.  Because we had so long with her in her in the city we opted to spend a weekend somewhere new.  We have a friend that works in Philly and makes the commute almost daily, so I was curious about it.  On route Moses found a peach farm with a hayride and peach picking option, so off we went.  Trouble was, my mother (who lives in Missouri, where anyone can pick pretty much anything anytime) wasn’t so into the idea of farming it up on her time in the big city.  So, she read a book for a half and hour while WE took a hayride and picked peaches till our heart’s content.

Lessons learned:

Too much of anything makes it seem way less wonderful (about six peaches in I decided peaches aren’t as wonderful as I always thought)

I like white peaches better than yellow

Pretty butterflies are usually attracted to rotting fruit.  Sad but true.

Either way, we had a terrific time.  Me, Moses and our pal Christine did a little Green Acres time and ended up with 3 bags of goodies…turns out I don’t have enough friends in the WORLD for 3 pages of peaches worth of pies.


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