Summer Meals

It’s too hot to cook inside.  I try to resist and do it anyway (i.e.: a quiche for a friend’s shower, a lemon custard cream pie with graham cracker crust), but each time the apartment gets so hot my guests aren’t very appreciative of the food I’ve made.  So here are a few summer meals I CAN make inside, involving limited stove time but that seem just a good tasting as regular dishes I’d make.

Quinoa with asparagus, summer squash, avocado, spinach and an egg.

Boil the quinoa (I boil it with veggie broth for more flavor), the sauté cooked quinoa with other ingredients and finally one egg, which gives it texture and a little fat, so you feel full.

Broccoli, carrot, cabbage and avocado salad.

So, this one’s the best.  The cabbage can be bought pre-shredded at Trader Joes and the broccoli can just be washed and cut very fine (with scissors, which I think is the best way to cut it).  Mix it all together in a giant bowl with some sliced or food processor purred avocado and you’re set.

Quinoa and salad together.

Lemon in absolutely everything.

It makes everything better, from quinoa to salad and event water.

Strawberries in fresh vanilla cream

Since pie crusts are now officially out, I try to just keep fresh fruit and cream on hand, which is easy to do, and if we get dessert cravings I just make some whipped cream and dice up some berries.

Beer.  Beer makes it all better.  Much, much, much better.


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