Sing Star.

One of my favorite things in the world is karaoke.  Not a lot of subterfuge here: I love singing and had my gawky teen years not lasted until my early twenties, I might have had the courage to try to find myself a band to stand in front of (as I never mastered the art of playing guitar and singing.  Patting your head and rubbing your tummy is NOT my strong suit).  While I have a few specific favorites and always, always have karaoke remorse (my friend Christine can sing Billy Idol and make a whole bar feel they’ve just never heard how good it can be ’til RIGHT then.), Joni Mitchell usually pops into my reserve, despite being neither a crowd pleaser or particularly easy to sing, but hey, I can’t always do Rod the Mod and Cher.

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In the event I HAD mastered guitar and vocals I’d have preferred to go the Joni Mitchell route.  The older I get the more awesome I know she is.

And  for those lucky enough to have witnessed the few public performances I did as a teen, god bless you.  The McClung Park Recreational Pavilion and the now defunct Silverado Cafe on High Street will go down in history as having had 16 year-old me as a headliner…black eyeliner, Mudd jean bellbottoms, bare midriff and all.


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