House Sitters.

I’ve always liked entertaining.  As a person who craves both attention and approval from others, hostessing is a natural outlet, simultaneously allowing me to control everything—thus killing two (very important) birds with one stone.  However, at least a fraction of my enthusiasm for playing hostess is derived from one simple fact: I hate leaving parties.  No matter how I make my egress (bike, walking, train, cab, or even our own car in LA) it’s always a bit of a bummer to leave food, drinks, friends and the general warm glow of a party for a dark apartment.  (There are, of course, exceptions to this.  I can certainly recall several parties I’ve been thrilled to leave, but for the most part…)

 But, I think I’ve discovered a slight loophole.  Since moving to New York I’ve done quite a lot of animal sitting for friends.  As an avid animal lover, I always try to do on to the furry companions of others as I would hope they would do on to my little Kitty Viv.  So, in addition to feeding and watering, petting and playing, I just generally try to spend time with these animals in their “parents” absence.  Our friends down the street happen to have a fantastic backyard (in New York!) and bbq grill, both of which we happily used (all the while spending ample time with the teeny tiny tea cup yorkie Bella).

Moses made his famous hamburger and grilled my Portobello while I roasted some baby potatoes and partied with lil’ Belle.  We eat our “burgers” on Amy’s buns, which Moses says are the third most delicious in the city (apparently the primary source identity of this information has been lost to us) and usually stop at Brooklyn Beer.  All in all, though we would have rather had our pals join us in their sweet digs for some awesome added company, we had a pretty sweet night— and because it was just us it wasn’t quite as  hard to leave at the end of the night–but even without the company I was still a little sad to leave Bella.


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