A color wheel…of cake

There are very few things I love more than pretty cakes.  Miraculously, (or fortunately), cake isn’t my favorite treat (pie crust, please), but there’s nothing more visually stunning than a good cake.  Check out these amazing rainbow delights.

My favorite, hands down, though, as is often the case with colored icings, pretty though they be, some colors I’m not comfortable putting in my face.  Blue is among them, as  I was taught this color was for Windex, Spic-and-Span hard action bleaching crystals and gritty limestone pieces found in Comet.

all photos from Babble.com

After years of crummy office jobs I attempted to indulge my own baker’s spirit and become a professional.  Two jobs later I discovered only one thing can kill the warmth of a giant oven and baked goods: crazy people.  Maybe that means I don’t love baking enough?  So onto bigger and better things: like libraries!


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