It’s all about the lights.

Our favorite restaurant in Brooklyn so far is Saraghina, apparently named for a character in a Fellini film I’ve yet to see.  The food is amazing, but my favorite part is the lighting.  Moses is often amazed/annoyed I’m usually more about ambiance than food, but frankly, I’m surprised he’s not the same way.

Perhaps it has something to do with loving to cook: for the most part, I rarely crave anything “out,” because if I love it enough I make learning to cook it a personal mission (not that I’m always up to snuff, but you get the idea).  But as far as the “place,” it’s gotta be better “feeling” for the evening than dining at home, or why bother?

The pizzas at Saraghina are a nice blend of thin, chewy crispy, and the treats are light and simultaneously substantial.  Plus, the patio reminds me of a winery in Santa Ynez more than a back yard in Brooklyn (I feel bad saying that since I’m sure the intention is a backyard in Italy, but I’ve spent more time in Santa Ynez than Italy, so I’ll have to go with what feels right here.)


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