Pie Tragedy.

Last night I made a lemon cream pie, which was quite tasty, but stuck to the pie pan.  I don’t have to spend much time pondering about why: it’s because I don’t have a good old-fashioned pie pan, but instead an almost rococo tart pan or a very plain ceramic garlic baking pan that I have been USING for a pie pan (tortilla warmer and roasting pan), which doesn’t work.

I used the garlic pan and the pie tasted great but crumpled to bits when I attempted to remove it from the dish.  Tonight is my opportunity to give this incredible pie credit and have it NOT come out looking like a messy mush.

I can’t wait, I just don’t want to have to eat a whole pie, so I’m looking for people to force feed lemon pie.

I’ve never been so glad to be done for a day.

Goodbye for now.

Photo by Garance Dore.

PS: I mentioned before everyone is watching some soccer game.  I guess it’s okay, if you work at Sports Illustrated, to watch a game, but it seems really weird and nobody is working AT all, just screaming when something (I can’t see) happens.  It makes me hate everyone a little, and there’s no work, so I’m also quite bored.


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