Lunch Breaks.

I won’t lie to you–working on Sunday isn’t the best.  In fact, it can be a very large bummer.  I don’t mind being here, or even being in midtown, but walking around at lunch is kind of the worst.  Absolutely every where you go you’re surrounded by tourists on lovely vacations, which makes me fantastically aware:

1. I am not.

2. That I cannot afford real vacations, which makes me wonder how they CAN.

3.  Nobody moves quickly on Sundays because MOST people are not rushing back to work.

However, there are some perks to the solitude of Sundays.  The first and foremost being that I have nothing better to do than make sure you get the FULL experience of my Sunday lunch breaks, which a picture (or two) every ten minutes.

To add insult to injury (the injury being that I’m here on a weekend), there’s a women’s soccer game this afternoon and all day long I’ve heard people let out distant, unison “OOHHHHs” and “AHHHHs”.  Sports are very, very silly.


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