Capri Sun

When I was little I would go NUTS for Capri Sun’s, those little drinks in a pouch that come with a straw?  My mom never bought them so they were extra special.

So, hence the title–now: I went to Italy for a day when I studied in Cannes.  The train ride was probably the most beautiful few hours I’ve ever spent doing ANYTHING.  It was train, ocean and sand.  Gorgeous.  And when I arrived I went to the street markets, ate pasta, gelato and olives and drank red wine and marveled at how even the wet laundry drying on lines between buildings was unfathomably lovely.  I’ve always meant to go back.

from the sartorialist

Apparently there’s currently an exhibition of Jackie O. photographs circa the late sixties, of her time in Capri.  The laid back-style and use of head-scarfs are making me absolutely Capri-crazy.

photos by Serrimio Garriano

I love how styles recirculate.  My mother always used to tell me, when I was a teenager and first interested in fashion, that all our mid ’90’s looks were actually quite 1970s revival, and therefore she had “been there, done that” and wasn’t interested.  Jackie O. is certainly channeling contemporary color-blocking and they totally have these pants at H & M for summer.


One thought on “Capri Sun

  1. Funny, we used Jackie O for inspiration for Spring! And I also loved the train ride from Southern France to Italy…sigh…

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