Oh my.

I love spaces.  Love them like I love my kitty, my moses…and this one makes my heart go “boom.”  This is a 1915 home in Pasadena that was recently restored authentically, which is my dream goal in life, to buy beautiful homes and make them beautiful like they once were.  Wish me luck…

An avid bather, I’m always on the search for the perfect bathtub.  The spacey, wide open whites that are so in vogue are nice, but I like that this one’s a throw back to a Mexican church and the sofa is in prime location to use it as a sitting room, too.  Because I’m always cold in winter, the warm, moisture-rich air of the bathroom would suit me perfectly.

I love “stolen” spaces.  A hallway space that doubles as a little room just…breaks my heart, a little.  It’s just beautiful, that perfect dark wood finish with rich corals.

While I could take or leave certain aspects of this kitchen, the fundamental notion of the table, dead and center, allowing for comfortable guests to lounge while you cook–genius.

Moses and I visited the Hearst Castle before we moved to NYC.  I took at least 300 photos and wanted to do all six tours in one day–I love old houses THAT much.  Seriously–right up there with cats, pastry and books.  This reminds me of old William Randolph’s plush CA digs.

All photos from chris bartlett design


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