A Year in Hipstas.

Alright, so it’s not quite a year just yet, but it is a significant amount of time we’ve been in New York now.  As a librarian I find myself panicky about electronic storage (or my sublime lack of electronic organization) and the fear I’ll simply loose all the easy little photos I have hiding in my phone.  It also makes for a neat little exhibit–the trivial little shots that make up the days…

Row 1: 5th Avenue in winter with school children, Balthazar pastries, Brooklyn Heights Peonies on Henry Street, Candles in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

Row 2: Shop cat on Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill, Flower Shop in display in Brooklyn Heights,  The Upper West Side from a roof top BBQ with friends, fall leaves in Tribecca.

Row 3: Moses’ oodon, peonies in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Kitty Viv with her hoodie, Shop cat exploring in Brooklyn Heights.


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