Mother May I.

After spending a delightful evening making baby clothes (photos to come) with a friend for a shower I’m attending tomorrow, I of course, went to bed thinking about mothers and new babies.  In fact, it’s a very “mother and baby” oriented week: in addition to the shower I’m attending Saturday, I had a friend loose her mother this past week, and another family friend take home her new adopted son.

As I picked  materials to construct the baby outfits I couldn’t help but feel like a fraud walking around in a baby department.  Surrounded by tired looking mothers and babies, I wondered, not for the first time, how women manage it–the excitement of months upon months of knowing your life will change, forever–soon.  How does anybody ever feel ready to make a decision like THAT?  Guess I’ll know when I’m ready, if I ever am!

These are some of the most beautiful “mother” photos I’ve seen, boosted from Domestic Reflections.


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