Inspiration Point.

I saw these pictures of “weekend” retreats and chose this as my personal favorite.  The light is so beautifully done, you can just imagine the designs transfer well from day to night, making a breezy morning scene and a cozy, bright evening set, too.  It is only missing a porch swing.  I grew up with one and truly can’t imagine being completely at ease without one.  A porch swing with a cup of tea, good book and blanket in the midst of pouring rain is probably the greatest scene I can conjure.

Sometime I will post pictures of “the club house,” which is a weekend retreat we often spent weekends at when I was a kid.  Situated deep in the woods, the little town it was originally a part of collapsed sometime in the seventies when the railroad running through it became trivial.  All the buildings are boarded up and the streets empty and while it might be ugly, it’s actually beautiful instead.  Five miles of dirt roads, corn fields and cow fields finally yield to a river and a little two story house.  The kitchen is the entire first floor with a screened in porch and steps curve up to communal girls and boys rooms and a sleeping porch, and one rainy weekend my mother read all of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” to me while we shared a blanket on the screen porch, watching rain drip from bright leaves.  It might be my favorite memory of all time.


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