“The turkey’s done.” “So’s the kitchen. Let’s not go there again.”

I was told I can “cut out early” today, but no one bothered telling me what “early” was.  Not wanting to take advantage or be inappropriate, I’m holding out until 2, which is the time my friend in LA told me his office is letting THEM out.

photo from hellyeahtomhanks, which is a tumblr dedicated entirely to Tom Hanks…and loving him.  Imagine…

Moses and I watched “The Money Pit” on Netflix Watch Now the other night.  While I think Moses must be made of stone (he hardly gave a giggle except for when Tom Hanks fell through the hole in the floor), I spent the hour and a half gafawing.  I’ve loved this movie since I was a kid.  It regularly was part of my “I want to live in New York” circulation (also included, Michael J. Fox’s “For Love or Money,” which, as my mother said a few years ago when I brought up this film, “it was just really boring, Jamie.  I never knew why you liked it so much.”)

“The Pit” came out in ’86, so I’d have been in kindergarten.  What’s nuts to me NOW is that Tom Hanks is a baby-ish 30 in this movie and within the span of my “remembering years” he has become…old.  The world moves fast.

Anyway, I owe most of my vocabulary to 80s movies–“The Money Pit” taught me what “trivial” meant.

photos from allstarpics.net

Tom Hanks really is hilarious, though.  I miss the not-so-serious Tom a la “Joe vs. the Volcano,” and other terrible, light-hearted 80s delights.  (When he gets that squid thing stuck on his face?!?  Oh gees.  I’m laughing just thinking of it).

And while I thought about only posting about “The Money Pit,” I suppose I’ll add a few more before I cut out of here and head home (to finally sort through MY photos so I can actually start to post photos I took again!)–

Rad vintage map of a little old place I love with all my heart…from here and a few things I’ like for summer:

Mesh bags for the Farmer’s Market!  From www.jaysonhomeandgarden.com

and some new summer threads:

both pages from the  shakuhachi lookbook.

and I’m wishing I was here:

praia piquinia by christian-chaize, from 20 x 200

and a couple of great shots by Laura Taylor, who’s quickly becoming my fav photographer (in addition to favorite former coworker).

from Laura’s Tumblr

Have a good weekend!


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