You can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile

Have you ever wanted to see a floor plan of Mary Richard’s amazing little studio from the Mary Tyler Moore Show?  ME TOO!  For the most part I find the layout pretty self-explainitory, however, the bathroom/dressingroom situation has always been mildly baffling.  Thanks to this floor plan by‘s Fantasy Floor Plans section,  I now know there is a dual closet/bathroom/dressingroom, which solves a lot of lingering questions.

Why did I post that?  Because I’ve been giving a tremendous amount of thought to apartments and spaces.  To be blunt, I’m pretty tired of my own, especially now that it’s summer and the light has changed.  It seems dreary and oppressive.  When our LA apartment seemed stuffy I could open the French Doors and Kitty and I could sit outside.  Now she just lounges on a rolled up carpet our friends gave us…reaching for cooler weather.

So I’m dreaming of new apartments (or houses, which is quite a dream).  If I could live on any “set” living space it would be this one–Mary’s pad in Minneapolis.  While Moses doesn’t know it, I think he would work well in the Brady Bunch’s obviously Southern California slightly mid-century modern home–I like it more now, but though it was really weird as a kid and dreamed, as I do with most dark wood paneling, of painting it tip-to-toe white.

Picture from The Brady Bunch Blog (yes, such a thing exists).

I boosted this from–Photo Agency–I’m not really sure where they got it, which I why I hate using other people’s photos.

I’m frequently annoyed by the weird pattern combinations in cable tv shows.  Granted, I haven’t really “watched” a cable sitcom that takes place primarily in a home since Friends, (offices are much more trendy now, it seems), but I’m really not sure why set decorators seem to think it’s more authentic to have flowered bedspreads and paisley drapes in the same room…or to have drapes at all.

I was always quite fond of the Growing Pains kitchen and “room over the garage as well.  And I liked the Full House stairs and Who’s the Boss living room.  Which shows raised you!?  (My mother’s recently started reading this.  She wrote me yesterday to say is was “uncomfortable” reading my “diary.”)





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