Amazing Post Monday!

Lots of neat-o posts  you gotta see.

Photo from

Learn how to “water marble” your own nails like a champ here.

The Cherry Blossom Girl went to Kenya.  Here AMAZING photos (really) are here.  (My favorite is how she obviously was using fashion as an after thought).

Photos are from here

This is a town house.  In Manhattan.  With a pool in the living Room.  If only I won the lottery or could write the great American novel so my own water bug (Moses) could swim while watching Ultimate Fighting (I know.  Gross.  A dirty habit he came home with from Mexico).  I’m in love with the swing.

Way to go IKEA!  I want this bedroom!

 (both images reblogged from frolic-blog)


One thought on “Amazing Post Monday!

  1. cute i want that white room too.

    don’t you wonder if everything in that pool living room is growing mold? so…maybe that makes you happy now that you don’t have that pool in your living room? 🙂

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