Savannah on my Mind

Classes are over and, with more free time on my hands I’m working to get a few things in order I’ve been putting for for MONTHS.  First on the list–posting these pretty pictures form a trip to Savannah, Georgia with my pal Anthony.  Although the trip was back in February, it was amazing and I’ve wanted to visit Savannah for years–since high school, to be exact.

I randomly got the notion (at 17) I would like to be a furniture upholster-er and the Savannah College of Art and Design offers just such an undergraduate major.  I remember my mother looking at my dubiously and gently trying to explain I should choose a more “real world” appropriate area of specialization–which is why I picked a double major of French (a language nobody in the US speaks) and English (which, without a master’s of some sort, prepares you–as I sadly found out–for a career as a non-desrcript office worker that’s easily cut when the budget runs short.)

Long story short?  I think learning to expertly upholster furniture authentically with reference to historical accuracy would have been a much more useful use of four years.  I could have just gone to private French lessons and read Jane Eyre on my own (which I did anyway).  Learning how to upholster requires more individual attention.

Without further ado: Savannah.

Sad story:  the trip was SO random I didn’t have time to charge my camera.  I got one picture with my Cannon before it died completely, so the entire trip is iPhone pictures!  That’s okay!  Sometimes collages are fun!

Anthony IMed me on Friday afternoon to say he found cheap tickets to Savannah, where it was warm, and did I want to go for Saturday and Sunday and fly back early Monday?  I said of course I did, and filled Kitty Viv’s bowl with food (a few bowls and left them around the apartment so she could find them like prizes!) and off we went.

My parents are both from the south–My father’s family owned a chain of grocery stores in Eastern Arkansas and my mom, although born in Florida because because her dad was in the Air Force (which I guess is still the south but doesn’t seem like it to me), was brought up all over the southern and eastern US, always ended up back in Arkansas at “home base,” which was my great grandparents home in Marked Tree, Arkansas.  So, if I identify my family with anything, it’s the southern states.

Savannah, however, seems the classier variety, as apposed to rough and tumble Arkansas (which, in my real-life experience, is not really rough and tumble–it’s average, just like Missouri).  Spanish moss, plazas and voodoo are much more culturally relevant than say…razor backs and the Toad Suck Ferry.  I’ve still never been to Charleston or New Orleans, which are my other two “exotic” southern locales.

I would also like to comment on the top photo:  having never played scrabble or bananagrams in my LIFE, I MURDERED Anthony on my first try.  He kept telling me to take more letters, but I powered through what I had and made the best of the letters I was dealt–until it worked.  I feel this is my outlook on life, too, generally speaking–redistribute till it looks like you did it on purpose.


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