While reading Garance Dore a few months ago I saw this:

Photo by Garance Dore

Which happens to be a photograph of Laura, a girl I worked with in LA.  For starters, my relationship with Laura has been peppered with such weird “sightings and coincidence:” I liked her tumblr before I knew her (a friend sent it as an example of a cool tumblr when he found it randomly), her roommate turned out to be my favorite waitress at Cafe Stella (in L.A.), and about 8 months after we’d moved to New York I randomly saw her walking down 8th Avenue in Chelsea, visiting some friends.  But, seeing her on Garance Dore as the coolest.

And here’s Laura’s picture of Garance:

Photo by Laura Taylor

Sometimes the accessibility of desktop publishing and blogs/photography…it blows my mind.  I guess nobody is every that far removed from anyone, now days.

Have a lovely weekend.


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