Happy Father’s Day!

My dad’s my favorite person in the entire world.  He’s thoughtful and careful and a little bit shy (which you can see in this picture), and he’s absolutely my biggest fan.  I always feel very, very lucky to have such an amazingly supportive parent who’s always willing to listen.  Happy father’s day, Dad!

In other news:

We go to this bar on 14th Street from time to time, The King’s Head Tavern, which has an enormous version of this painting, “Lady Godiva.” 

Apparently Lady Godiva road naked through town in order to gain remission of taxes imposed by her husband.  I had no idea, and usually imagine Lady Godiva blond, which is, I suppose, the result of years and years of stumbling across sexy Halloween costumes which consist of a long blond wig and little else.  But I’ve been unable to get this version out of my head and even considered buying a print, but stopped because it seems likely enjoying this large scale painting in a bar  might be different than explaining your love of “fine art,” to everyone who comes into your home.

I came across these images on howtospendit.com.  A more appropriate version of my beloved “Lady Godiva” painting, I think.

I have always wanted auburn hair.  Every few years I try to attempt it, only to realize my complexion is just too pink to have it work out.  Brown it is.

And while doing my weekly viewing of NPR’s “The Picture Show” I spotted this, which is wonderful:

Diego Goldberg's "The Arrow of Time," from http://www.npr/blog/pictureshow

These photos were taken in the 80s, 90s and 2000s.  No special staging is included, so Goldberg and his family are wearing exactly what they happen to be wearing at that time.

I love it and intend to attempt to duplicate when I have a family of my own.


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