We’re having a weekend guest so I spent last night cleaning (our house, for me, had gotten very lax in the house-keeping department).  Though I like our space, we spend SO much time dreaming of returning to California and having more space.  There’s also a certain level of reluctance to CHANGE much in New York, since our future is so uncertain here.  That being said, I’m dreaming of all the things I’d like to have…

via apartment therapy

I have always wanted a ladder in my house.  Once I saw the Eames Case Study House (which has a ladder, I knew I was destined).  Unfortunately, this requires space and something to use the ladder to get to…

via Brooklyn Homes

This is the coolest fridge ever, though I have to say I’d be pumped on ANY nice fridge, and if given options I might choose a large one that easily and efficiently stores things in visible compartments.  Though this one is really nice to look at.

via apartment therapy

This goes along with the ladder concept–a mezzanine.  And I also really want an Eames rocker, but in pale, pale blue.  Sadly, we have two in storage in LA.  They’re just waiting for us to get them…

More to come.  This was simply a starting point!



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