Back of my neck getting burned and pretty.

Now that it’s officially summer the weather’s decided to take a spring-ish nose dive and we’re back in April showers.  I’ve also been incredibly busy (and will be until classes end later this month) and spend every day wanting SO badly to post but feeling compelled to do school work in any downtime.

Here are a few summer photos from a few weeks back mixed with some recent pictures, giving the illusion it is still warm here (as I type this the rain has stopped and a late afternoon/early evening sunshine is coming through the windows).

Moses works in SoHo now.  My first “real” job was in publishing (at Scholastic), which is down a block from his office now.  It’s always strange to be there since I instantly slip into nostalgia and remember the interior of the building, rushed lunch breaks and “Harry Potter” fanfare.

Old Greg and Rion (Ryan) in SoHo.  They were walking behind me and it seemed cool to have them as members of the crowd.

Another summer thing that weirds me out is babies in sunglasses.  I guess there’s no reason why they shouldn’t wear them, and there are probably lots of good reasons why they should, but it still seems hilarious.  They all look so sophisticated and cool.

My self-portrait in the window of a closed Pret-a-Manger.  One of my internships (Sports Illustrated) requires that I work on Sunday.  It’s actually not so bad, since Sunday was always a day spent dreading the week ahead anyway.  Why not just work and be done with it?  The coolest thing, however; is that when I get off the Q at 9 am Times Square is EMPTY.  It was also rainy, so that probably had something to do with it, too.  But I was very impressed.  (I could do that thing where I tell you everything I’m wearing and where I got it, but it’s pretty much all H&M, except my shoes, which are Repetto flats with new ribbons I sewed in).

Ol’ Greg, Rion and Mandy in Williamsburg.  We had rushed from East Village to go to a (not kidding) “Vampire Murder Mystery Dinner Party,” which was being held at some bar.  As soon as we came in and saw the other “players” we excused ourselves and found another bar.  It looked way less like the “Clue” set up than I’d hoped (it was three other people eating french fries and drinking coke…I’d def need a little wine to do a dinner party murder theme).

I made a galette for a bbq our friend Sean had.  This one was strawberry rhubarb.  I’ve since done another that was creme fraiche and peach.  Because I moved without a pie pan (or tart pan or the millions of other fun kitchen things I thought I wouldn’t care if I left in LA for a bit), all my pies are now galettes, which the oxford defines as: a free form pie crust.  Every always asks me what it is.

Ol’Greg, Rion and Mandy relaxing at our house after their long LA flights.


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