Favorites and McCartney Family Photos Still Top My List

A few of my latest favorite photos:

Lately, my new favorite wedding dress.  I love the alternative to sleeveless.  80 percent of wedding dresses are sleeveless!

Borrowed from Suicide Blonde

My favorite movie was “Little Women.”  I had the movie poster mounted on cardboard and hanging over my bed and made my family go see the movie on Christmas Eve night while we were in Florida for the holiday.  Looking at Kirsten Dunst, who’s a year older than me, seems surreal.

Borrowed from Cup of Jo.

I love all these lovely bike photos in blogs but can’t help but me alarmed and frustrated not a ONE of these ladies is ever shown with a HELMUT.  WHY?

And this was all I really wanted to post about.  Still loving, in my late 20s now, all these family McCartney photos…and Paul McCartney and Wings.

My very favorites.  I hope I have photos like these in a few years. That’s totally Mary sporting trunks, by the way–much more substancial than Sir. Paul’s.  I always wore just trunks too.  James is the little red-head darling and Heather is on the side.  No Stella yet…I think.


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