Marco Polo

This past weekend Moses and I took a ferry to Governor’s island to watch a polo game.  Because three of my favorite movies of all time have horse-related sporting events (what are they?  Fine, I’ll tell you: “Pretty Woman, Mary Poppins and My Fair Lady”) I instantly agreed when Moses suggested this as our weekend outing.

Giving it little thought, I miraculously turned up in a hat.  Good thing, or I’d have missed out on the opportunity of a life time–to wear a hat and be in the majority.  I’d forgotten hats and horse events are always in vogue, no matter the century.  It was a nice game of pretend for me, walking on the carless, timeless Island along with a few hundred other ladies in lovely dresses with chapeaux and bicycles.  Close your eyes and it might be 1910.

We had cookies and raspberries and watched the match.  Moses caught a goal-winning ball and I watched some impressively navigated shoes trapes though remarkably uneven fields (I wore loafers.  I’m never sure how those ladies can DO that). Oh, and we also replaced the “divits” in the field.  I love when real life mirrors the movies.


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