And then all at once, it was summer.

I’ve spent the last month excitedly anticipating Memorial Day Weekend: our friends from LA came to visit, I had a week off classes and I start TWO internships (one at the MET in the Costume Library, another at Sports Illustrated’s Research Library) next week.

Now our friends have come and gone and I wound up with the worst cold/flu I’ve had in years.  Case/point: I was unable to finish Indian take out last night and spent close to 24 solid hours in bed then STILL slept the night through.  Poor sick body!

However, to celebrate the new warm weather and try to keep up postings, here’s a few things I like!

My pal Rion spent the whole time he was here quoting faux Chloë Sevigny quotes.  One was “sprrah-ing,” instead of spring.  This lovely collage from Once Wed makes me think of Sprrah-ing.

I love the flowing dress in particular, and the kitty in repose, of course.

Other neat things:

Rad ideas for more fun braided hair styles, a bridge I’d love to see in person and new book ideas for summer (Rion gave me “The Imperfectionists,” which I’m enjoying, but until classes are over in July it’s doubtful I’ll have much free reading room.  The very WORST thing about being in graduate school.  If I HAD time, Bowie’s bio would be my next pick).






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