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Learn how to “water marble” your own nails like a champ here.

The Cherry Blossom Girl went to Kenya.  Here AMAZING photos (really) are here.  (My favorite is how she obviously was using fashion as an after thought).

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This is a town house.  In Manhattan.  With a pool in the living Room.  If only I won the lottery or could write the great American novel so my own water bug (Moses) could swim while watching Ultimate Fighting (I know.  Gross.  A dirty habit he came home with from Mexico).  I’m in love with the swing.

Way to go IKEA!  I want this bedroom!

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You can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile

Have you ever wanted to see a floor plan of Mary Richard’s amazing little studio from the Mary Tyler Moore Show?  ME TOO!  For the most part I find the layout pretty self-explainitory, however, the bathroom/dressingroom situation has always been mildly baffling.  Thanks to this floor plan by‘s Fantasy Floor Plans section,  I now know there is a dual closet/bathroom/dressingroom, which solves a lot of lingering questions.

Why did I post that?  Because I’ve been giving a tremendous amount of thought to apartments and spaces.  To be blunt, I’m pretty tired of my own, especially now that it’s summer and the light has changed.  It seems dreary and oppressive.  When our LA apartment seemed stuffy I could open the French Doors and Kitty and I could sit outside.  Now she just lounges on a rolled up carpet our friends gave us…reaching for cooler weather.

So I’m dreaming of new apartments (or houses, which is quite a dream).  If I could live on any “set” living space it would be this one–Mary’s pad in Minneapolis.  While Moses doesn’t know it, I think he would work well in the Brady Bunch’s obviously Southern California slightly mid-century modern home–I like it more now, but though it was really weird as a kid and dreamed, as I do with most dark wood paneling, of painting it tip-to-toe white.

Picture from The Brady Bunch Blog (yes, such a thing exists).

I boosted this from–Photo Agency–I’m not really sure where they got it, which I why I hate using other people’s photos.

I’m frequently annoyed by the weird pattern combinations in cable tv shows.  Granted, I haven’t really “watched” a cable sitcom that takes place primarily in a home since Friends, (offices are much more trendy now, it seems), but I’m really not sure why set decorators seem to think it’s more authentic to have flowered bedspreads and paisley drapes in the same room…or to have drapes at all.

I was always quite fond of the Growing Pains kitchen and “room over the garage as well.  And I liked the Full House stairs and Who’s the Boss living room.  Which shows raised you!?  (My mother’s recently started reading this.  She wrote me yesterday to say is was “uncomfortable” reading my “diary.”)




Savannah on my Mind

Classes are over and, with more free time on my hands I’m working to get a few things in order I’ve been putting for for MONTHS.  First on the list–posting these pretty pictures form a trip to Savannah, Georgia with my pal Anthony.  Although the trip was back in February, it was amazing and I’ve wanted to visit Savannah for years–since high school, to be exact.

I randomly got the notion (at 17) I would like to be a furniture upholster-er and the Savannah College of Art and Design offers just such an undergraduate major.  I remember my mother looking at my dubiously and gently trying to explain I should choose a more “real world” appropriate area of specialization–which is why I picked a double major of French (a language nobody in the US speaks) and English (which, without a master’s of some sort, prepares you–as I sadly found out–for a career as a non-desrcript office worker that’s easily cut when the budget runs short.)

Long story short?  I think learning to expertly upholster furniture authentically with reference to historical accuracy would have been a much more useful use of four years.  I could have just gone to private French lessons and read Jane Eyre on my own (which I did anyway).  Learning how to upholster requires more individual attention.

Without further ado: Savannah.

Sad story:  the trip was SO random I didn’t have time to charge my camera.  I got one picture with my Cannon before it died completely, so the entire trip is iPhone pictures!  That’s okay!  Sometimes collages are fun!

Anthony IMed me on Friday afternoon to say he found cheap tickets to Savannah, where it was warm, and did I want to go for Saturday and Sunday and fly back early Monday?  I said of course I did, and filled Kitty Viv’s bowl with food (a few bowls and left them around the apartment so she could find them like prizes!) and off we went.

My parents are both from the south–My father’s family owned a chain of grocery stores in Eastern Arkansas and my mom, although born in Florida because because her dad was in the Air Force (which I guess is still the south but doesn’t seem like it to me), was brought up all over the southern and eastern US, always ended up back in Arkansas at “home base,” which was my great grandparents home in Marked Tree, Arkansas.  So, if I identify my family with anything, it’s the southern states.

Savannah, however, seems the classier variety, as apposed to rough and tumble Arkansas (which, in my real-life experience, is not really rough and tumble–it’s average, just like Missouri).  Spanish moss, plazas and voodoo are much more culturally relevant than say…razor backs and the Toad Suck Ferry.  I’ve still never been to Charleston or New Orleans, which are my other two “exotic” southern locales.

I would also like to comment on the top photo:  having never played scrabble or bananagrams in my LIFE, I MURDERED Anthony on my first try.  He kept telling me to take more letters, but I powered through what I had and made the best of the letters I was dealt–until it worked.  I feel this is my outlook on life, too, generally speaking–redistribute till it looks like you did it on purpose.


While reading Garance Dore a few months ago I saw this:

Photo by Garance Dore

Which happens to be a photograph of Laura, a girl I worked with in LA.  For starters, my relationship with Laura has been peppered with such weird “sightings and coincidence:” I liked her tumblr before I knew her (a friend sent it as an example of a cool tumblr when he found it randomly), her roommate turned out to be my favorite waitress at Cafe Stella (in L.A.), and about 8 months after we’d moved to New York I randomly saw her walking down 8th Avenue in Chelsea, visiting some friends.  But, seeing her on Garance Dore as the coolest.

And here’s Laura’s picture of Garance:

Photo by Laura Taylor

Sometimes the accessibility of desktop publishing and blogs/photography…it blows my mind.  I guess nobody is every that far removed from anyone, now days.

Have a lovely weekend.

Flowering Coriander

As I know I’ve mentioned, this month has been insane.  As a result of that “craziness” my father’s day gift is late, which is quite unlike me.  Typically I’m ahead of the game and take pride in being the only member of my immediate family who seems to understand the importance of a timely gift (though it is fun to get a Christmas gift in May, long after you’ve stopped expecting Christmas gifts).

My father’s a little tricky to shop for, mostly because he thinks I’m the bees knees, so I could get him 9 cans of dog food (he doesn’t have a dog) and he’d call me up, thrilled I thought of him.  Traditionally I do plants, because he loves to garden, or Civil War books/DVDS and the like–which he also loves.  This year I thought a little outside of the box.  He’s a huge coffee drinker–the variety that starts drinking it at around 7 and goes all day, stopping around 4.30 or 5.  My gift?  A coffee mug.  All that worrying and it was right there the whole time!

I had this picture put on a mug.  The mug also says, “Hey, this is Daddy’s coffee!”

I feel there will be a number of things he’ll enjoy: the cup, the gentle humor, the personification of an animal, me crouching in the background, the individuality of it…you get the idea.

On a downer note, this gloomy gray weather is killing our plants.  Here were a few in happier, sunnier times:

RIP little cilantro babies…RIP.  In memorial to these little babies, I found a bouquet of flowering coriander–the sweet little delicate daisy-looking big sisters of tender cilantro once it goes to seed, and made a huge, beautiful bouquet.  I frequently made bouquets from our veggies gone to seed in L.A. and really miss the sublty of it.  Flowering veggies make beautiful arrangements, the curling sprouts and shoots of cucurbits in particular (the pretty yellow flowers die in a few hours).

We had intricately arranged our little seedlings here, on a shelf Moses constructed from some cheap shelving we bought at Target and cinched with zip-ties (because the connectors were very, very ugly and bulky), then mounted on the wall.  (We have another on the opposite wall that is not on a mount but instead makes a buffet and has a salvaged wooden top Moses constructed with a table saw in our basement)–I don’t want to make you too sad, but these little guys didn’t make it, either.

I’ve spent the afternoon working on gathering a tedious collection of library materials…and listening to  this:

Strangely, this book is about a Russian man who falls in love as a 10 year old and writes a book about his lost love he never got over…but he’s from this small town in Russia/Poland, that changes rule every few years.  What’s weird is that I did a reference course and had to find information all about this weird town I was sure I’d never hear of again.

And here are some things I want:

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Inspiration Monday.

At least I think it’s Monday.  I’ve been working 7 days a week, so Monday’s have lost their meaning.  This is my LAST full week of 7 days–after this week I will have Saturday’s to myself and no more homework!

I intend to devote lots and lots of time to the following:

1.  Upholstering a chair

2.  Planning a wedding

3.  Grooming Kitty Viv

4.  Taking a trip to California

In the meantime, here are a few pretty pictures that are keeping me going.  Having just finished a report on Mid-century Modernism in Southern California, there’s a little Neutra mixed in with everything else.

Photos from: architectural digest, and 100Layercake

Hipster Map of NYC

It’s rare these days I find much interest in hipster-related jokes.  Once upon a time I felt connected to that sort of thing, but since I spend about half my time in front of a mirror extracting gray hairs and have to gently photoshop out a pesky line between my brows, I no longer feel like hipster jabs are directed at me.  But this is amusing:

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