DIY Flowerbeds.

Moses and I have been planning on building flowerbeds for our front apartment windows for a very, very long time now.  Without a car, projects aren’t nearly as easy to just “knock out” in one day (i.e.: Home Depot to Osch and back home with dirt, flowers, tools, planters and the like).  However, after about three weeks total project time we finally finished!

Moses built the boxes in the basement a few rainy Sunday’s ago and installed them.  (Our front window cages are curved to fit planters, lucky us).  Our biggest drawback is almost always dirt.  Why oh why is it SO hard to go and buy something you can find in some variance just about anywhere?  And, having learn from planters-past, we also included broken cinder blocks on the bottom to help the boxes drain when there’s heavy water (in LA we tried news papers and a vast array of other things only to find they decompose and the flowerbed sinks).

And then it was time to plant.  Our local flower shop, Natty Garden (please, oh please look at their website via the link.  If nothing else it REALLY helps explain our neighborhood to those of you who haven’t been here in person.  It’s always such a learning experience.  It’s a lovely little shop though, very well put together and diverse plants.) and spent a few hours trying out arrangements for each box.

We had a few criteria: we didn’t want the boxes to be exactly the same, we needed some camo in the back to keep passer-bys from looking into our windows so easy and give us something to see from INSIDE (other than the bright lights of Laundry City, the Laundry SuperStore), and we didn’t want just overly delicate little blossoms.

All in all, I think we did well.  We’re now the ONLY flowerbed apartment on our block (though another up the street has some planters on their stoop and bushes), Kitty likes to try to smell the plants from her cat-perch inside and we finally have some privacy and pretty things to look at while we eat our dinner.  It feels MUCH more like home.

Next project?  Our back patio.  It gets more difficult, the warmer it gets, to believe we’ve let this one go so long…but, when we were viewing our apartment for the very first time I gazed out the back windows and thought I saw a squirrel playing in the barely-there brush.  On second glance, it wasn’t a squirrel at all, but a much more New York-appropriate rat.  Darning work gloves and picking up the early architecture of a mini-rat’s nest doesn’t sound nearly as appealing (and I get a little sad thinking about destroying something an animal worked so hard to create…I know.  This is why I can’t eat meat.)


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